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Welcome to the Download page of Oxford Microbeams Ltd.


Recent changes

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OMDAQ-3 is a major upgrade to OMDAQ 2007 which is still in progress, be is now believed to be stable.  The aim of the upgrade was primarily to facilitate the extension of OMDAQ to a wide range of data acquisition hardware but many other changes are being made at the same time. 

Existing users of OMDAQ will find that the basic feel of the program has not changed, but there are a lot of differences in detail, especially in regard to setting up and configuring the hardware.  Unfortunately the help file has not yet caught up with the software, and so a spirit of adventure and tolerance is required…

It is believed that OMDAQ-3 is stable with the conventional OMDAQ hardware and is reverse compatible with all OMDAQ data files.  Please report any serious problems.  Updates will be posted on the OM website from time to time.  

Exisiting OMDAQ2007 may upgrade free of charge (the authorisation code is valid for both packages).  The evaulation version expires after 30 days.

New features

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OMDAQ 2007

Recent changes

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A complete software and hardware solution for collecting and processing data from a nuclear microprobe facility.

Evaluation version expires after 30 days.

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Recent changes

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Software to control two OM-52E high precision power supplies using the OM-525E power supply interface. 

         Provides RS232, USB or Ethernet interface.

         Control currents using jogwheel decade switches

         Permanent memory to store and recall currents.

         Temporary scratchpad memory for use during alignment.

         Automatic scaling to new ion mass, charge or energy.

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For advice on using the following legacy products, please contact Oxford Microbeams Ltd.

Raytracing simulation of microbeam systems
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